What´s wrong with your eyes
lacquer, metal, aluminium, wallpaper
260 x 340 cm

I am for balance. Although, you always step out of and back into balance again. You take a step and then you’ll have to recover your balance. Under any circumstances, statics and solidity are ardently intertwined with the unstable or shaken, with movement as mutual counterparts. It’s the joints that bind all things. In a sense, my sculptures are whole and not whole, drawn together and drawn asunder, harmonious and discordant. Whereupon, hidden attunement might probably be more charming than an open one. Thus, the sculptures reside in a tensioned state of fragility. Then, all of a sudden, you realise that sort of sudden blow which comes from within – and we, they, all things do crack. And we crack in many ways, don’t we. This tautness is even more fragile as the aesthetic matter is completely absorbed in its phenomenal surface. Just like all-solids the sculptures possess an evidently restricted expansion and, accordingly their own measures. Additively as well as dispersedly, they are built from individual, infusible and non-subdividable components. You have to advance particle by particle. You can’t just skim through them, you have to stand your ground and retrace every turn as it occurs. That’s the risk you take; in parts, sequence, differential repetition, in balance, off-balance, off you go.