Lucky Pierre Style
abc – Art Berlin Contemporary

  • installationview: Lucky Pierre Style
    photo: Stephan Klonk

Lucky Pierre Style
September 18 – 21, 2014
abc – Art Berlin Contemporary Berlin, solo with Galerie Bernd Kugler

Specifically for the abc art berlin contemporary, Madeleine Boschan will mount an installation of two new sculptures. Both are part of a nascent series of eight sculptures in which she concentrates and maps out her primary pictorial vocabulary. In their entirety, these works will be presented for the first time at Marburger Kunstverein in December 2014.

At the abc 2 sculptural bodies will be shown residing freely throughout the given space in 2 utterly different sculptural states (standing and lying), each for itself as in regard to each other.
In turn, the beholders are stipulated to actively attain their own places amidst these two ›larger than life magnitudes‹ and to hold their grounds in relation to the opponent sculptures as well as to the surrounding space.