It´s just a kiss away
Galerie Bernd Kugler, Innsbruck, Austria

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    @Galerie Bernd Kugler, Innnsbruck

It´s just a kiss away
March 18 – April 29, 2022
Galerie Bernd Kugler, Innsbruck, Austria

In terms of form and installation, the new sculptures by Madeleine Boschan concentrate on the central questions of her work: How does form influence space and how does space influence form? What kind of places and spaces are thus generated and what given factors determine their character? The discourse she undertakes also includes the collective claim of a dialogue between and a coexistence of performance and perception. This happens in the understanding of a reciprocal event, which subsequently also entails a symbiotic relationship between work and viewer. This reflective placement of a space-expanding form, in interrelation to the variable ways in which it is perceived, decisively determines the sovereign gesture of her sculptures.

For the exhibition „It‘s just a kiss away“ at Bernd Kugler Gallery, Madeleine Boschan developed a total of three new works: two floor sculptures and one wall piece.

A flat, white-colored wall piece, the distance of which from the wall conveys an adherent effect, at the same time exerts a free-floating thrust into the room. This seemingly floating state is reinforced by the painting on the back of the surface, which appears in the shadows on the wall as a delicate yellowish shimmering aura. Coexisting next to them are two medium-sized floor sculptures also made of painted aluminum sheet, which span the gallery space like passages. They offer striking tilted angles as well as a balanced movement of two mutually supporting, autonomous surfaces. The viewer is presented with alternating variations of a physical presence both leaning against one another and floating at the same time. The interior created by the collision of the surfaces, which through the color treatment once again clearly separates the white exterior from the sulphur-yellow interior, gives rise to yellowish, shimmering shadows and color reflections on the gray floor. In this way, the dynamic surfaces unfold their extensive aura in their color and light effect – which are also created to a large extent by the movement of the viewer – and thus constantly give rise to new formal references.

The subtle color effects of the yellow surfaces, in combination with the compact white, underline the permanently compelling interrelationships. This color-space dialogue raises questions concerning, for example, the classification of inside and outside. Positive and negative forms can be perceived, which on the one hand convey a protective character, on the other hand appear like blocks.

As here in this exhibition, Madeleine Boschan bases her titles on literary references. Mental references to architecture, music and film also aim at associative reception. The recently chosen exhibition title „It‘s just a kiss away“ can be understood as a quote taken from the Rolling Stones’ song „Gimme Shelter“. In the song lyrics, the parataxes „just a shot away … just a kiss away“ are found contradictorily juxtaposed, just as names of shelter and protection in times of threat and war are mentioned. These contents relate in meaning also to the sculptures of Madeleine Boschan and not exclusively refer to their spatial-physical effects––but are also to be reflected in light of the current world events.

Thus, the sculptures of Madeleine Boschan not only denote the sculptural design of space, but at the same time are „places by people for people“, which can be understood as an expression of (wanting to) live together.
Madeleine Boschan defines her “spacing“ as a significant statement about past, present and future, which always also contains a true-to-scale memory, right down to utopian variants. The seemingly floating, dynamic and light orientation of her sculptures creates an elegance of form that does not stand alone, but is directed at people in their spiritual, sensual and physical sensuality.

Text by Ulrike Jagla-Blankenburg